Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Partners & Products

  • Innopolis

    Beer - Honey - Meat - Kumquat

  • Regione Marche

    Oil - Honey

  • LIR - Ministry of Agr., For. and Water Man. of Republic of Srpska

    Cheese - Beans - Dried Fruit - Cabbage

  • Tirana

    Pasta - Oil - Cheese

  • Provincia Forlì Cesena

    Oil - Meat

  • Regional Chamber of Commerce of Uzice

    Beef - Paprika

  • Chamber of Economy of Montenegro

    Oli - Milk Cream - Hoeny - Pomegranade Juice

  • University of Primorska, Science and Research Center

    Oli - Dried Figs

  • Camera di Commercio di Macerata

    Wine - Honey - Chesse


WELLFOOD ACTION Project 2016 - Monday, October 10, 2016


WELLFOOD ACTION project has been approved under the EUSAIR Targeted Call of Adriatic IPA CBC Programme 2007 - 2013. It started on May 2016 and it is going to end on 30th November 2016.

It is built on the capitalization of the WELLFOOD project and facilitate the synergies with other IPA Adriatic CBC projects such as ADRIA FOOTOURING and NEXT. The project aims at contributing to the achievement of EUSAIR objective by improving the SMEs performance and growth-diversification, and by acting in the field of Sustainable and responsible tourism management (innovation and quality in terms of new programs for training in the field of education. Previously developed innovative tools on WELLFOOD and ADRIA FOOTOURING projects are used and capitalized in WELFOOD ACTION project in order to enable direct contact between consumers and producers. WELLFOOD HUB contain information about typical products and wellbeing itineraries while ADRIAINCUBATOR (link) and Adria Incubator BiH (link) provide information about financial, training and community opportunities in Adriatic countries. 




WellFoodHub at Tipicità 2014 - Thursday, March 13, 2014

On Monday 17th march 2014, Raffaella Coen will present WellFoodHub in "Tipicità - Made in Marche Festival".

More information at:

Agreement to develop NFC Technology to Traceability - Monday, March 03, 2014

A.S.S.A.M. and Università Politecnica delle Marche signed the Agreement to develop NFC techonology to Traceability.

This project will be apllied to Extra-vergin olive oli and fruit and vegetables chains.

ASSAM is developing the new traceability software that will be presented in next meeting (14-15 may)

WellFoodHub - Presentation - Thursday, October 10, 2013

WellFoodHub will be presented on 17th October during Corfù meeting.

Dott.ssa Raffaella Coen (ASSAM - Marche Region) will show this site and will ask to all patners to offer theirs contributions.

To have more information on Corfù meeting you can visit WellProject web site

WellFoodHub is on-line! - Monday, October 07, 2013

WellFoodHub in on-line!

Here you can have information on quality products and well-being and you can exchange tecnichal information


Traceability System

A New Version of Traceability System (Si.Tra.) is now avaible in beta version!


  • New tecnologies in traceability.
    The use of Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) can semplify the process of traceability. Today lots of smartphone are equipped with Near Filed Communication (NFC) techology. So its very easy to read and write little TAG attached to products. Raffaella Coen, ASSAM-Regione Marche


WELLFOOD allows the consumer to access the entire production process in full transparency (thanks to the ADRIFOOD CLUSTER), so as to safeguard product quality and increase the awareness on the latest innovations linking food to well-being.


WELLFOOD is a chance for growth and development in the agrifood industry, thanks to its innovative approach to nutrition and to its focus on building strong relationship among producers, research centers and consumers.


WELLFOOD aims at strengthening the innovation capability of agri-food sector by sharing knowledge among researchers from Adriatic Countries mainly through the implementation of the ADRIFOOD CLUSTER and mobility actions.


The exchange of knowledge and methodologies, together with the transfer of good practices, will help Central and Regional Governments in improving food and health legislation and policies.